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In theatre and film, the fourth wall is the imaginary wall in a traditional three-walled set separating the performers from the audience.

If vendors, investors and buyers form the first three walls of the stage – industry analysts are the fourth wall.

It’s our belief that the job of the fourth wall isn’t to erect a barrier. Rather to provide an objective and transparent view to the marketplace and its players. If the fourth wall removes noise, it can enable you to make better-informed decisions on your purchases, sales, investments and strategy.


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Remove the Noise

Report Types

Every analyst firm produces reports in their own way. Our reports are designed to be concise and specific. The main types of reports you’ll find on this site are:

A report focused on a specific vendor. Stripping away the lofty marketing claims that are often made, the report takes a look at the technology, applications, competitors and market position.

Backstage, the greenroom is where the talent relaxes in an informal environment. A more free-flowing report that takes a look at an emerging category, industry trend or issue. Sometimes it’s used as a roundup of activity over a period of time.

Above the line
Mergers, acquisitions and sales. Who is buying, who is selling and why.

Below the line
Where is funding coming from and where is it going? Keeping an eye on the money and which way its flowing.

A more in-depth report, taking a look at a particular trend or technology. Think white papers.

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